Company Description ( Alfa Design, Toronto, ON):

Alfa Design Home Renovation Company is located in Toronto and registered as in-cooperation and will operate by parinaz alvand as designer, mahdi fardi as supervisor .

Alfa design will offer comprehensive interior design and Home Remodelling and renovation services for commercial and residential properties.

We also offer quality Home Renovations that attempt to attain standard expectations within this business. We have a tendency to use fashionable and economical materials and tools to be able to handle any Remodeling job. Our experience and skill have given us a competitive edge in Home Renovation Industry.

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Home Renovation Toronto, Ontario Why renovate?

Every homeowner looking into renovation has his/her own set of great reasons for doing so. Perhaps the home is older and needs an update for safety or practical reasons, or maybe the home is scheduled to go up for sale sometime in the near future. A quality renovation is the best way to modernize your living space and increase its value.

It is especially common in more recent years to update homes with more energy-efficient improvements such as higher-efficiency windows and doors, as well as smarter insulation. Plenty of homeowners renovate simply to increase their family’s enjoyment of the space (which is just as good a reason as any – your comfort is important!).

Why us?
Often it is not worth the extra time, energy and extra money to try to do big renovation projects by yourself. The time it takes homeowners to learn how to do their remodeling projects is valuable. If you have completed your own renovations in the past, you’re familiar with the trial and error style and seemingly never-ending mess. We invite you, this time around, to hire professionals to do it for you.

We specialize in the renovation and remodeling of the most common areas of your home: kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. We are conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario and have years of experience and a qualified team to help you get the job done right. Our services include a wide range of renovations, but please feel welcome to contact us with any remodeling need – big or small. We value the customer and believe that quality service and solid communication are key to a great home remodeling experience.