Project Details

Alex Doner Drive

Full House Renovation 

3000 Sf. on Newmarket, ON

Job description:

We started this job and we estimated that will be done by 2 months but it took 3 months. because we got some issues in during the job. so for example in the master bathroom when we opened the wall for ruffing we saw the Squirrel bit some parts of insulation and we changed all insulation and etc…
To be honest it takes time but we are happy with the result. you can see all the steps of our job in this project as below:

*Floor Changing
*Remodeling stand showers
*Custom stand shower
*Install Waterjet stand shower
*Custom stand shower glasses
*Install Freestanding Tub
*Extending Area (Master Washroom, Dining Room and Living Room)
*Install new vanities and counter tops
*Tiling whole bathrooms
*Install crown molding
*Re-Face Stairs and Chang Wood Pickets to the Metal Pickets
*Change Kitchen Cabinet
*Use Corian Countertop in Kitchen
*Arch in Family Room, Living Room
*Wall Panel in Family Room and Powder Room
and more….

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